Santiago de Chile!

I made it to the Southern Hemisphere!

I’m here in Santiago, Chile — the capitol of the country of Chile in South America.  My flight was an overnight one — what is known as a “red eye” flight.

Basically, I slept through the night in fits and spurts.  I crammed myself into my narrow seat on the plane in different positions and slept as long as I could in one position until my neck cramped, or a leg fell asleep.  I probably got about 4 solid hours of sleep on the whole 10 hour flight from Toronto.

But the best part about the flight was waking up in the morning to views of the Andes Mountains right out my window.  You can see the tip of the airplane wing in the upper right hand corner of the photo.

Winging in over Chile

I haven’t had much time today to explore the city, because unfortunately both of my suitcases, packed with all of the supplies and gear I need for 18 weeks on the ship, did not arrive with me.  We cannot figure out where these bags got lost along the way, but I had to spend my free time today buying a few essentials like sunscreen, a bathing suit, underwear, and a big floppy hat to protect me from the sun in the summer months down here in the southern hemisphere.  Luckily, my hotel is close to a mall, and I was able to get all this stuff pretty easily.  Tomorrow I’ll head back to the airport and hope that my bags have made their way to me on a later flight because TOMORROW WE FLY TO EASTER ISLAND!!!  It’s a very remote location and I’ll be lucky if my bags can join me there.  Otherwise, they may not find me until January 4, 2013 when we get to Papeete, Tahiti — our next “big” port of call.

Otherwise, I did see a super cool “green building” here in Santiago.  Sometimes designers and planners encourage people to plant rooftops with green plants to attract migrating wildlife like birds and butterflies, or to provide quiet spaces for people in the city to enjoy nature.  But this hotel in Santiago has taken the concept to a whole new level and has creating living walls on their building.  I was super excited to see this!

Living building

I may be able to post one more time from Easter Island tomorrow before we join the ship.  Once on board, our internet will probably not be working, but fingers crossed I can send an update from the middle of the South Pacific Ocean!





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