Rocking and Rowing Manhattan

Bill in his “happy place”

When my dad passed away almost a year and a half ago I nominated Rocking the Boat to be his memorial charity — he loved the water and boating, NYC, and the idea of helping kids navigate the future — it just seemed a perfect way to honor him.  My family and I landed on another admirable effort, but it’s nagged me since that Rocking the Boat was also such a good fit.

And so, it’s with pride (and filled with the spirit of love) that I’m undertaking a row around Manhattan at the end of the month to raise funds for Rocking the Boat.  

Whitehall and Lady Liberty

On September 29 (only 10 DAYS from now), my “Yeah Buoy” teammates and I will row a Whitehall around the entire island of Manhattan — that’s 30 miles in one day!  We’ll be dodging ferries and water taxis, navigating the strong tides and city bridges while guided around the island by a program graduate as our coxswain. I recognize that all of us receive countless pleas for financial support these days, especially with the rise of progressive politicians who snub corporate-based funding and lobbies as a vehicle to win elections.  I embrace this direction in politics, but also recognize that it means that all that much more when you take the time to make a donation to this cause.

Your contribution (big or small) supports this admirable program, supports the initiative these kids are taking to build themselves as they build boats, supports my “Yeah Buoy” team, and supports me personally in my effort to uphold the memory of my dad; the great man and member of the NYC community that he was for so much of his life. 

Contribute now and help me close the gap on the last $1000 needed to reach my $2000 goal! 

At the core of this undertaking, I will be rowing and ‘Rocking Manhattan’ because my efforts will support Rocking the Boat’s vital programs for young people growing up in very difficult circumstances, and I will be wearing my dad’s old sailing gloves every stroke of the way around Manhattan.

Much love and thanks, 

~~ Kit

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