Meet Kit

Kit over St. Kilda

“As an ocean educator and expedition professional, I thrive on igniting interest, inspiring confidence and developing leadership in my audiences and expedition teams.  I am dedicated to improving ocean science literacy and challenging my peers to contribute to this effort.”    – kvw

I was inspired to travel early on by my experiences growing up in Japan, Norway, and England, and I have been steadily working my way around the globe ever since.  I run this website to share my enthusiasm for wild places and remote cultures as I go.

After graduating from college I earned a living as a marine science educator, scuba instructor, captain, backcountry kayak guide and sailing instructor.  I then worked in government for over a decade directing science education programs, training other educators and creating meaningful outdoor experiences for my audiences.  Most recently I was with a U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) program developing initiatives and community-based collaborations to raise awareness about the importance of estuaries, water quality, and coastal climate change impacts.

Over the years, I have also enjoyed working on small expedition ships internationally in places including the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Antarctica, Arctic Norway, West Africa, the Indian Ocean, Russia, and Alaska.

The world of expedition travel had me hooked starting in the late 1990s and I’m happy to say has evolved into a full-time pursuit. When I’m not at sea or exploring new destinations for future itineraries, I work to support the development of expedition programs, itineraries and staff members in terms of both logistics, permitting, and professional development.

In this blog I share my infatuation with the endless pursuits of learning and exploring life in and around the world’s oceans.

I am married to amazement as I travel this watery planet of ours.


~~ Kit